The Learning Community Trust promotes a culture of safety. It is our aim for concerns to be raised, including whistleblowing in accordance with our policies and procedures. We aim to promote a culture that is free from bullying between adults.

At the Learning Community Trust, we value those who raise concerns and contribute to our reflective practise.

We welcome all concerns to be raised either formally or informally through the steps set out in our policy. This will enable us to find a resolution swiftly and thoroughly to concerns. All concerns will be dealt with promptly and swiftly by our nominated persons.

Within are academies our senior leadership teams will be visible to all staff, volunteers, and visitors to assist anyone who needs to raise a concern to do so without barriers. It is our aim that the handling of these concerns is done through a transparent and visible process.

All staff can contact the CEO or COO of LCT if they feel they cannot approach a senior member of staff or Chair of Governors in their own school.

If you wish to read our policy on Whistle Blowing it can be found on our Documents and Policies page.

The Learning Community Trust has also chosen to have a “Freedom to Speak Up” Guardian. This person is a Trustee and is the Chair of LCT Audit and Risk Committee. This Trustee can be approached, via the Company Secretary, Mrs Veronica Croft, or 01952 387010 without having to approach a senior leader at academy or Trust level.