Meet the Attendance and Welfare Team

LCT is committed to supporting our children and families across our community and have a specialist attendance and welfare team in place of Education Welfare Officers, Education Mentors and Counsellors. The team is brilliantly led by the highly experienced Mrs Nikki Morrison and is based at the Trust Offices on HLC campus but the team spend the majority of their time in our schools supporting children and working very closely with Pastoral Teams. We have developed this team as the Trust grows but also to meet the needs of our families and children during these very challenging years of the pandemic.

We would like to introduce you to everyone and let you know who to contact if we can help or support you.

Education Welfare Officers (EWO's)

Mrs Nikki Morrison
Mr Dan Santopietro
Mrs Dawn Mitchell

Mr Adrian Rawsthorne

Our Education Welfare Officers work with our schools, families and students to promote and support good school attendance and to help resolve any issues that may be impacting on attendance and welfare at school.  We also liaise with the local authority regarding unauthorised holidays in term-time, persistent absence, child employment, elective home education and legal issues relating to school attendance.  Please always contact your child’s school in the first instance, but if you feel that you need to speak to us, please contact school staff and ask them to pass your details to the relevant EWO.

Nikki Morrison
Nikki is the Attendance and Welfare Team Leader.  She supports all our schools with a variety of attendance and welfare issues and has specific responsibility for Charlton School.

Dan Santopietro
Dan is the EWO for HLC Primary, Wrekin View Primary and Crudgington Primary, and also provides EWO support to Meadows Primary School in Ketley.  Dan has a dual role and is also an Education Mentor (see below).

Dawn Mitchell
Dawn is the EWO for our specialist schools, which are Queensway North and South and Severndale Specialist Academy in Shrewsbury.  Dawn also provides EWO support to Kickstart Academy.

Adrian Rawsthorne
Adrian is the EWO for HLC Secondary and Ercall Wood Academy, and also works alongside Nikki at Charlton School, which is the biggest of our secondary schools.

Nikki also manages the Food Hub at HLC, which is part of our food support project.  Our LCT colleague, Russell Garner, manages the Community Fridge at Wrekin View Primary and the Community Café.  If you need to access food support but are unable to get to HLC or Wrekin View, please ask your child’s school to pass your contact details to Nikki or Russell.  If we aren’t available, any of our team will be able to help you.  Please just ask, we are here to help, and all requests can be kept confidential.

Education Mentors

Mr Wayne Denfhy
Mr Dan Santopietro

Our Education Mentors work with our students whose attendance, behaviour or health issues are preventing them from reaching their full potential at school.

Wayne Denfhy and Dan Santopietro: Wayne and Dan mentor students across the LCT schools, and also provide mentoring support for students at Meadows Primary and Kickstart.  School staff and LCT staff can make referrals for students who they feel need the support and advocacy that a mentor can provide.

Trust Counsellors

Mrs Fay Daniel
Mrs Jessica Jenkins

Our Counsellors help our students to discuss their problems, thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting, and offer them strategies to help improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health.   With our younger children, this can be done through play as well as through talking and listening.  Fay and Jessica have a variety of resources and a wealth of experience that enables them to work with our children from Reception to year 11.

Fay Daniel: Fay is the counsellor for HLC Secondary, Charlton, Ercall Wood, and supports Erica at Queensway South.

Jessica Jenkins:  Jessica is the counsellor for HLC Primary, Wrekin View and Crudgington, and also provides counselling services to students at Kickstart Academy, Meadows and Millbrook Primaries.

Erica Downing is our full-time counsellor based at Queensway and works closely with the team at Queensway to support our young people with more complex needs.

Our schools have systems in place to identify and support students who may benefit from emotional health and wellbeing support.  As well as the counsellors, our schools have teams including pastoral staff, SEND staff, safeguarding staff, attendance officers and family liaison officers, all of whom can offer different skills and experience alongside that of teaching staff, to help your child at school. We are here to help, please just ask!

Contact the EWO Team