Digital & IT Support Apprentice

10th May, 2024

Date Published: 10 May, 2024

Post: Digital and IT Support Apprentice
Closing date: 31 May 2024, 11am

Use of technology, developing our students’ digital skills and awareness is an imperative element of community life. All our academies have a range of young people, from different backgrounds, all and across the community we serve, we have a high proportion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds – which can create barriers to accessing technology outside the classroom. It is vital that our academies‘ technology, is well maintained to support teaching and learning, and proactive support is given to enable learning to take place without disruption from technological problems.

It is the role of the Digital and IT Support Apprentice to support the trust’s academies with their digital and IT requirements and support needs. The Digital and IT Support Apprentice will support the Digital Innovator and Technical Lead alongside academy and Telford & Wrekin Council technicians.

The Digital and IT Support Apprentice will nurture a good relationship with key individuals at each academy to understand their support needs. It is vital that the Digital and IT Support Apprentice develops an in-depth knowledge of the Senso filtering, monitoring, administration and classroom management software, and activity promotes the benefits for the academies and the trust.

The Digital and IT Support Apprentice will need to understand each academies’ technical priorities, to deliver proactive service to ensure minimum disruption, but also to be able to understand priorities when there is technical disruption and how to respond. It is imperative that the Digital and IT Support Apprentice enthrals themselves into technology support in the education sector, understanding their role as digital and IT support, but also engage with understanding all elements of it and digital technologies from end-users through to network and infrastructure architecture to support their personal development.

The Digital and IT Support Apprentice will also have exposure to the broader Telford & Wrekin Council network working with their desktop support team to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours further, outside the trust, to ensure that the Digital and IT Support Apprentice has a fully rounded experience to progress to potential internal or external opportunities after the apprenticeship.

If you would require further information about the role, or would like to have an informal discussion, please email To apply please use the application form found below. The application must be submitted by email to by the deadline.