Proposed catchment area for the new Allscott Meads Primary School opening Sept 2023

22nd September, 2022

Date Published: 22 September, 2022

Catchment area rationale for consultation

Allscott Meads Primary School is a small new school catering for up to 150 children. Funding for the new school was secured through s106 negotiations in relation to the development on the Old Sugar Beet Factory site. The Developer has agreed to fund and build a school that will cater for families from the new development and the surrounding environs. The catchment area was extended beyond the boundaries of Allscott Meads to future proof any further development that may arise within the area of far west of the borough to the boundary.

DfE Definition:  A geographical area, from which children may be afforded priority for admission to a particular school. A catchment area is part of a school’s admission arrangements and must therefore be consulted upon, determined, and published in the same way as other admission arrangements.  This is the purpose of the S10 consultation that is currently being undertaken by LCT.  Any comments, objections and observations can be fed back to the LCT via the following link

When drawing catchment areas geographical obstructions are avoided where possible and established contours are used for the boundary to avoid future dwellings being dissected by the catchment area boundaries.

The devising of the Allscott Meads catchment area considered the children that are already attending Telford & Wrekin primary schools from the area surrounding Allscott Meads with the intention of providing local school places and maintaining community cohesion.  It did not seem sensible for families to the west of Allscott Meads having to travel past the new school at Allscott Meads to attend the next nearest school in Wellington.

Consideration was given to the number of pupils who currently attend surrounding schools, especially St Peters Bratton, to ensure that the new school and its catchment area does not have a negative impact on established school communities.

All families from Telford & Wrekin will be able to apply for a school place to Allscott Meads, catchment area will be one aspect of the criteria that is applied to a school place application if the school is oversubscribed.

The map of the proposed catchment area for Allscott Meads is above.