The Trust Board has three key committees that report to the Trustees at each meeting. Each Committee has oversight of Safeguarding as a standing agenda item linked to the remit of the committee, but the Full Board retains the overview of Safeguarding across the Trust so that it is given the highest priority by the Trustees.

The remit and responsibilities of each committee are reviewed annually at our AGM and Trustees are appointed to committees who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to support the work of each committee. Each committee elects a Chair at its first meeting of the academic year.

The three committees are:

1. Resources Committee - meets each half-term to review Management Accounts, Budget planning, Financial procedures, ESFA Returns, Estates and Capital as well as staffing, HR and relevant HR policies.

2. Audit & Risk Committee - meets four times a year and is supported by our accountants WR Partners. This committee is responsible for monitoring external and internal audit, H & S, GDPR, whistleblowing, fraud and the LCT Risk Register.

3. Standards Committee - meets half-termly to monitor the LCT School Improvement Strategy, data position for each school, Trust Reviews, Ofsted preparation and reports, well-being and mental health of our children, community links.

Trust Committees - Remit and Responsibilities.pdf