Local Governing Bodies

Each LCT academy has its own Local Governing Body which is established as the school converts to an academy and joins the Trust. As part of due diligence the Trust will work with the existing Governing Body to establish the new Governing Body. This often results in a number of existing Governors transferring to the new Governing Body and creates continuity for the school as it changes status.

The role of Governors is to carry the Trust vision, policies and priorities forward, based on the specific qualities and community characteristics of each academy.

The Governors are expected to question and challenge academy leadership and to hold them to account. In particular, the Trustees delegate the running of the academy to the Local Governing Body and specifically the following duties:

a. To carry forward the Trust’s vision, in a way appropriate to the specific qualities and community characteristics of each academy.
b. Implementation of actions required to comply with statutory regulations and the Funding Agreements.
c. Implementation of the Trust policies.
d. Holding academy leadership to account for academic performance, quality of care and quality of provision.

Local Governing Bodies meet each half-term, are clerked by a Trust appointed clerk, and work as an executive group. There are no committees, apart from the statutory committees, which are convened when required, so that Governors are involved in all aspects of the academy.

The Trust has determined, in its scheme of delegation, the following structure for LCT Local Governing Bodies:-

Member Type Secondary School Primary School 200+ NOR Primary / Special School <200 NOR Primary / Secondary Schools federated
Parent member 2 2 2 4 (2 for each school)
Staff member 1 1 1 2 (1 for each school)
Head Teacher 1 1 1 2 (1 for each school)
(Trust) Board appointed 1 1 1 1
LGB co-opted 4 2 1 4
Totals 9 7 6 13