The Trust demands and expects safeguarding to be at the forefront of all practice within our schools. We consider the safety and well-being of our students and staff to be the highest priority and we recognise that placing safeguarding as a golden thread throughout all areas of our schools will lead to a culture of safe and happy children.

In order to fulfil this expectation, the Trust recognises the national and importantly the local context of our schools. In driving national priorities and being secure in our local contextualised knowledge we are able to inform and direct our schools programmes to ensure the needs of students and staff are met.

The key priorities for our safeguarding programmes are:

  • Education, training and recreation
  • Physical and mental health and emotional well-being
  • Protection from harm and neglect
  • Contribution children make to society
  • Social and economic well-being

To ensure the trust vision for safeguarding and its execution in each academy the need for high quality polices is essential. As a result, the Trust holds a service level agreement with the local authority to provide an agreed template for CP and safeguarding within schools that fulfils all national expectation and guidance. This draft policy and the linked documents create a spine for each academy to adapt specifically to the local and school specific setting. Each CP/Safeguarding policy is updated at least annually, and when legislation changes. This policy is approved by the Trust Lead DSL, the Local governing Body and is published on each academy website.

There is a Trust wide staff code of conduct in place which staff receive annually or when they join the organisation as part of a safeguarding induction process.

There are also Trust wide procedures covering particular safeguarding issues such as recruitment and selection, allegations against staff, attendance, children missing in education, radicalisation, whistleblowing, mobile phone usage, lone working, alternative provision and work experience in place.

To see the academy specific documentation for safeguarding please follow the below links:

Crudgington Primary

Hadley Learning Community Primary

Wrekin View Primary

Charlton Academy

Ercall Wood Academy

Hadley Learning Community Secondary

Severndale Academy

Queensway Academy

Kickstart Academy

Trust Safeguarding Staffing Structure

To ensure the Trusts own culture is embedded the members and trustees are all appropriately trained having read and understood KCSIE 22, Working together to safeguard children and what to do if you’re worried a child is being abused: advice for practitioners.

The Executive Principal is lead DSL for the LCT. It is the role of the Executive Principal to feedback to Trustees and support their quality assurance work within our academies such as the monitoring of peer on peer abuse.

The learning Community Trust has developed its own safeguarding structure and has also developed a team of staff that support our young people and staff.


Christine Davies


Safeguarding & CP Link Trustee


Paul Jones


Trust Data Protection Lead


Paul Roberts

(Executive Principal)

Trust Lead DSL Prevent & CPD


Nikki Morrison

(LCT Welfare)

Trust Mental Health Lead

Individual Academy DSLs

Trust Monitoring and Responsibilities

The Trust leadership and Trustees have the following recognised responsibilities:

  • To ensure that safeguarding and associated policies are in place at all academies
  • To ensure that all staff meet the requirements of KCSIE 22, working together to safeguard children 18 and the statutory framework for EYFS 22.
  • Ensure safer recruitment procedures are followed in all academies.
  • To ensure that all Trustees have attended appropriate training
  • To ensure that best practice for safeguarding is shared across the trust
  • To ensure that appropriate funding is available to deliver all aspects of safeguarding education and training
  • To monitor peer on peer abuse between children, attendance and other key indicators of the current safeguarding position
  • To ensure a full understanding of GDPR obligations
  • To ensure that safeguarding is on the agenda for all meetings

HLC Secondary CP Policy.pdf
HLC Primary CP Policy.pdf
LCT Staff Code of Conduct.pdf