Health & Safety

The Trust considers the safety and well-being of our students, staff and visitors to have the highest priority in all our academies. The Trust aims are to ensure that our academies provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment, establish and maintain safe working procedures, have robust procedures in place in case of emergencies and ensure that premises and equipment are maintained safely. In order to achieve this the Trust ensure the following:

Raising awareness of health and safety among staff - All our academies hold termly health and safety consultation meetings which is chaired by the Principal/Head Teacher. Each academy has a dedicated representative that reports back to the Trust regarding all health and safety matters. Staff are encouraged to attend the meetings from all faculties and operational roles including trade union representative. Safety notice boards are displayed in prominent positions. Staff can raise any concerns about health and safety with their designated representative, line manager or Head Teacher, who will then make decisions about the concerns and act in accordance with the Learning Community Trust Policy Statement.

Health and Safety  training - Staff are provided with the necessary training in order to ensure Health and Safety compliance for their role and responsibilities. Training subjects include Managing Safety, Risk Assessment writing, Legionella awareness, Fire Awareness, Asbestos Management and Governor specific H&S training. Evacuation drills take place each term across all academies to ensure that evacuation procedures are fit for purpose and are well rehearsed.

Roles and Responsibilities - The Trust policy statement clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities regarding Health and Safety for; The Board of Trustees, CEO, COO, Local Governing Bodies, Principal/Head Teacher, Staff, Pupils and Parents and Contractors.

Audit and Inspection - The Trust employs external advisors to carry out annual audits and inspections for all our academies. The service also includes providing advice and support, training and regular safety updates for circulation. Audit outcomes are reported to Principals/Head Teachers and the Chief Operating Officer who will report accordingly to Trustee’s and the Local Governing Bodies.

Heath and Safety policies – each academy has its individual health and safety policy and there is a Trust wide policy statement in place that is based on advice from the Department for Education and Health and Safety legislation including the ‘Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974’. Policies are reviewed annually and when legislation changes which is approved by the Local Governing Body or the Trust Business and Personnel committee.

There are also procedures covering particular Health and safety issues such as Safeguarding, First Aid, Water Hygiene, Fire and Emergency, Accident Reporting, Display Screen Assessment, Manual Handling, COSHH, Lone Working, Working at Height and Off-site visits.