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HLC Primary Governing Body

Hadley Learning Community Primary Phase opened in September 2006. HLC Primary is now a well-established, successful school that provides a good education for children aged 3-11years. The school is proud of its reputation within the local community and, due to its good outcomes and provision, is consistently oversubscribed. We have recently extended the school and now admit 90 pupils into Reception and Year 1, over time this will extend so that there are 90 children in every year group.

The facilities within HLC allow for close working between the primary and secondary phases. During Key Stage 2 children become familiar with the Secondary phase building layout and get to know some of the secondary staff who teach them for some lessons. This mean that transition from primary to secondary is smooth and the children are well prepared and confident to move to Year 7. The majority of children in Year 6 transfer to HLC secondary and become excellent buddies for children who are new to Year 7 from other primary schools.

Children enjoy coming to school at HLC and school attendance is consistently good. Staff are vigilant in ensuring children’s health, safety and well-being. The school’s pastoral team stay in close contact with families during any period of absence and can offer wider support to children and families. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe and have strong, trusting relationships with adults in school.

HLC Primary is a stimulating environment with happy, purposeful young people. Children are relaxed and keen to learn in an atmosphere that is filled with warmth and enthusiasm.Mrs. Maddie Griffin, Primary Headteacher

Mrs. Maddie Griffin
Primary Headteacher