"Our vision is to provide an outstanding education for all of our children and young people that prepares them to be successful in all they do, both now and in the future."
Jane Hughes, CEO of the LCT

Welcome to the Learning Community Trust

The Learning Community Trust is a well-established Trust with a great reputation locally and regionally, growing steadily and are very proud that since January 2021 two further schools have joined us. We now have eight fantastic schools, well led by innovative principals, headteachers and leadership teams; all different but working brilliantly together to provide the best education for our children and young people. We have a superb team of teachers and support staff in each school who are committed to doing the very best for our children. The Trust is also delighted to be an academy sponsor, and we currently sponsor two of our schools. The Learning Community Trust is a Telford and Shropshire based multi-academy Trust which was established in July 2017, with the backing of the Department for Education. Our Trust serves the community of Telford and Shropshire, with schools from across all phases including three mainstream primaries with nurseries and three large secondaries (one of which is all-through) as well as two Special Schools. In addition, we work in very close partnership with the local FE provider, Telford College as well as with Telford & Wrekin Council and Shropshire Council. We have an outstanding Board of Trustees with significant experience in education, as well as from the world of business and industry. Each academy has a Governing Body, and we have some exceptional Governors supporting our schools. Our intention is to continue our growth over 2-3 years, and we already have several exciting projects in the planning stage.


The Aims Of Our Trust


    To focus, across our schools, on excellence by achieving the best possible outcomes for our children and students by engaging and inspiring them, building their resilience and preparing them for work and adult life


    To drive a collaborative culture across our schools that drives and supports improvement and develops all of our staff as leading professionals


    To provide the highest levels of care and support for our children so they can succeed, including those that are most disadvantaged, vulnerable or with special needs in our community


    To ensure our schools are at the heart of the community they serve and are truly inclusive organistations with equality for all across our community


    To engage positively with our families and wider community, building partnerships and programs that develop opportunities beyond the school sector